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Playroom and organization

Let us bring the magic of Coco Beans

to your playroom

What's the point in having a playroom if nobody plays in it, or can find anything in it, or you are constantly trying to clean and organize it? 

Coco & Mimi to the rescue!

We will come to you to create a playroom that is functional, organized, conducive to purposeful play, easy to keep picked up, and aligned with your home's style. Whether you just need a little help organizing or want a total makeover, we can help. 

We are budget conscious and love IKEA hacks but are also up-to-date on the newest and best playroom trends and cool storage and toy options.


Creating a functional playroom set-up

Organizing toys (keep, sell, donate)

Storage solutions

Establishing a toy rotation system

Playroom design (painting, decor, furniture assembly)

Toy selection

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Playroom kitchen
Organized toys

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How does it work?

Email us to set up a 1 hour home consultation. We will gather information, take measurements and pictures, discuss budget, and make a goal for your playroom. Within a week we will email you a proposal with layout, items to be purchased, design, timeline, and fees for service. We will work to make revisions as needed so that we have a shared vision of your dream playroom. Then let the fun begin!


Home consultation: $50 (will be applied to invoice if booked within 1 month of consultation)

Playroom organization and design fees are based on projected time and varies based on needs. Please email for more information. 

Who are Coco & Mimi?

Mom and child playing

Coco, aka Adrienne, is the creator of Coco Beans Play Cafe. She has her masters degree in elementary education and several years of teaching experience before opening up her dream play room. Her strengths are playroom layout and creating play areas that promote imaginative, independent, and productive play. She loves researching new toys. Adrienne has 3 kids.

Child's birthday party

Mimi, aka Liz, is the glue that holds Coco Beans Play Cafe together! She can do it all! She is a master organizer and has an eye for decor and making IKEA items look like a million bucks. She has run her own business and is a yoga instructor, so she can keep us calm throughout the process! Liz is a mom to 2, grandmother to 5, and mimi to all who are lucky enough to be around her.

Ready to create your dream playroom? Email us to get started.

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